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Cleaning & Detailing


Let us make sure your boat is ready for the water and looking its best with our buffing, waxing, cleaning and antifouling services.

Cleaning, Waxing, & Detailing

After a long winter boats need a thorough cleaning and uv protection for the season. We take pride in getting boats ready properly and delivering them looking like new. Our services include interior cleaning, upholstery cleaning and repair, hull and deck cleaning and waxing, gel coat buffing, metal polishing, detailing, UV protectant application, and wood restoration. We only use premium cleaners, uv protectants, waxes, polishes, and compounds that won't damage your boat and are environmentally safe.


AYBC Certified Marine Technician

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12435 Peggy's Cove Rd

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3Z 2R7 Canada

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