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Electrical Service


Our ABYC certified marine electrical technicians will perform long lasting repairs and installations.

Electrcial Service, Repair, & Installations

Electrical systems are often the most problematic and frustrating part of boat ownership. Improper wiring, poor repairs, and bad connections are just some of the problems we see every day. As part of our yearly service, we do a full AC and DC electrical systems test to ensure your boat is safe and working well. Also, we only use premium marine-grade supplies and follow ABYC standards during electrical repairs and installations to make sure our work stands up to the harsh marine environment. Looking to upgrade? The Boat Shop sells and installs new electronics like gps chart plotters, stereos, VHF radios, depth sounders, and much more. Let us handle the installation of your new electronics and we'll make sure they look original and work properly.

AYBC Certified Marine Technician

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12435 Peggy's Cove Rd

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