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Hauling, Launching & Transport


Give us a call to schedule a launch, haul or transport to any destination in Atlantic Canada.

Hauling, Launching, & Transport

In addition to yearly hauling, launching, pickup, and delivery, The Boat Shop also offers transportation services. Whether you keep your boat in Halifax, St. Margaret's Bay,on the South Shore, or on a lake, we will gladly pick your boat up and transport it for you. Many of our clients have us pickup and deliver their boat annually to their docks in Halifax, Chester, etc. to take advantage of our services and storage. We also have multiple shop trailers that we can offer if you do not have a trailer of your own. In addition to our transportation for services we also offer longer distance transport. If you are interested purchasing a new boat from away or in taking your boat to that place you've always wanted to go boating give us a call for a quote on delivery and pickup.

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12435 Peggy's Cove Rd

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