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Shrinkwrap and Storage


Our yard is a secure and monitored boat storage facility. We're pleased to offer a full range of winterization, shrinkwrap and storage services.


We offer a wide range of storage options for our customers. Our secured and monitored yard has plenty of space for your boat! We accepts boats on trailers as well as boats without. We have multiple shop trailers that we can use to transport your boat to our facility and our rates include blocks and stands. We also store batteries inside and we charge and maintain them for no extra charge.


Protect your boat from snow and ice by having our experienced staff frame and shrinkwrap your boat. We use premium materials and take care to ensure your boat is dry and protected. We also offer onsite service, in case your boat is stored at a marina or on your property. Every spring we gather and recycle all of the scrap shrinkwrap materials.


Part of our yearly service is servicing motors in the fall and winterizing the motor, water systems and hull. We use a non-corrosive antifreeze in all engines and water systems and make sure the boat is prepared for the winter. As part of our motor service, we'll fog your motor to prevent rusting and seizing of internal components. We also rinse away salt residue and apply corrosion protection to protect the motor and components.


AYBC Certified Marine Technician

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12435 Peggy's Cove Rd

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3Z 2R7 Canada

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